Environmental Contribution Activities

Environmental Contribution Activities

About our environmental contribution activities

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Since the first purchase of a bus with automatic idling stop system in 1996, Kokusai Kogyo has expedited bus replacement with new ones that satisfied the emission requirements. Even after 2002 when the more strict regulations became effective, we have not slowed down the purchase of eco-friendly vehicles equipped with the latest emission reducing devices. Now, over 60% of our fleet is “Green Busses”. We will increase the share of green buses and promote eco-driving training for our bus drivers. As a corporate citizen aiming to share prosperity with the local communities, we will proactively take all available actions for environmentally friendly corporate management.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Commitment

Kokusai Kogyo, as a public ground passenger transportation service provider, will engage in environmental protection activities, contribute to the local communities with quality service and safe driving and perform social responsibilities by striking a balance between corporate activities and saving natural environment.

Action Plans

1. Deliver a comfortable transportation service through driver trainings and adequate vehicle maintenance in accordance with the NOx and PM laws.
2. Decrease substances of concern, efficiently use resources and energy and promote eco-driving.
3. Prevent environmental pollutants by reducing gas emission and industrial wastes.
4. Make specific aims, objects and goals in accordance with our Environmental Policy and continuously revise and update them as necessary.
5. Strictly follow other environment related laws and regulations and other requirements to which we agree.
6. Make our Environmental Policy and Commitment fully known to all employees and have them recognize the purport and importance of environmental protection.

Green Management Certification

Green Management Certification

All bus operating offices received the Green Management Certification as an environment friendly bus operator.

Effective as of April 20, 2005, Kokusai Kogyo, as a result of its environment friendly efforts, received the Green Management Certification from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation (the “Eco-Mo Foundation”).

The Eco-Mo Foundation, an entity affiliated with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism, runs the certification program to promote environmental protection and conduct audits on applicants if they meet certain criteria such as the execution of an eco-driving program, purchase history of low emission vehicles and the existence of system for environmental protection.

An audit conducted by the Eco-Mo Foundation in 2005 resulted in a successful entitlement to the certification to us. Kokusai Kogyo is one of the largest bus operators in terms of operating locations and the number of vehicles.

  • Bus fleet:approximately 900 for local route operations
  • Date of applicationMarch 7, 2005
  • Date of registrationApril 20, 2005
  • Registered offices11 (Head office and 10 bus operating offices located in Ikebukuro, Nerima, Shimura, Akabane, Toda, Kawaguchi, Hatogaya, Saitama-Higashi, Nishi-Urawa and Hannou)

About the Green Management Certification

Program Administrator: Eco-Mo Foundation
This certification is granted to a transportation business which has performed certain environmental sustainability actions. This was first offered only to freight truck operators in April 2003, but later expanded to bus operators in April 2004.

Key Environmental Activities

May 2011
Installed living green wall to all bus operating offices.
Apr. 2010
White-painted all bus rooftops to slow down the rise of interior temperature.
Apr. 2005
Received the Green Management Certification at all bus operating offices.
Oct. 2003
The new regulation to control diesel emissions went into effect in Tokyo and Saitama Prefectures.
Conducted on the street “Go Green” promotions.
Mar. 2002
Began installing oxidation catalysts to new buses.
Nov. 2001
Participated in a pilot program for travel demand management in Saitama Prefecture.
Became the first bus operator in Saitama Prefecture to install DPF (diesel particulate filters) into buses.
Apr. 2001
Started selling Eco-Pass (discounted term pass for qualified passengers)
Began using low sulfur diesel fuel.
Mar. 2000
First purchaser of flat-floor buses powered by concentrated natural gas (CNG) as a private bus operator in Japan.
Bulk-purchased buses with automatic idling stop system (90).
May 1995
Conducted energy saving campaigns.
Sept. 1994
Test-introduced buses with automatic idling stop system (2).
White-painted bus roofs

White-painted bus roofs

On the street “Go Green” promotions

On the street “Go Green” promotions