1940 Kenji Osano started an auto parts business in Shiba, Tokyo.
1945 Hotel business started.
1946 Company entered fixed route and charter bus business.
1947 "Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd." adopted as the company name.
1949 Company entered taxi and limousine business.

Kenji Osano


1953 Sale of imported cars started.
1959 Trading department established, Company began distributing hydraulic equipment.


1960 Osaka and Kobe Branches opened.
1961 Travel service started.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
1962 Company started trading golf-related products.
1963 Company began hotel business in Hawaii; Honolulu Branch opened.
1964 Company entered real estate business.

Princess Kaiulani Hotel


1973 Sheraton Palace Hotel (San Francisco) acquired.
1974 Company entered property development business.
1978 Golf business started.(Mishima Golf Club)

Sheraton Maui

Royal Hawaiian

Sheraton Waikiki

Palace Hotel


1981 Osaka Fujiya Hotel construction completed and opened.
1983 Yaesu Fujiya Hotel construction completed and opened.
1989 Moana Hotel restoration and upgrade completed and reopened.
Long distance bus service started.(between Tokyo and Morioka)
Katsunuma Golf Course construction completed and opened.
Kofu Fujiya Hotel construction completed and opened.


1990 Fiftieth anniversary.(accompanied by memorial activities)
  Company entered the Florida market.(Grand Cypress Resort acquired)
1991 Sheraton Palace Hotel upgrade completed; hotel reopened.
1996 Hotel Kazuno construction completed and opened.
1997 Sheraton Maui redeveloped and reopened.
  Michinoku Kokusai Golf Club opened.
  Fruit Park Fujiya Hotel completed and opened.
1999 Kashoen (Hanamaki Onsen, Iwate) renovated and reopened.


Fruit Park Fujiya Hotel

Grand Cypress Resort


2000 Kokusai Kogyo Mita #2 Building completed.
2003 Yumoto, Yaesu and Kofu Fujiya Hotels renovated and reopened.
2005 Machida Driving School renovated and reopened.
2007 Sheraton Moana Surfrider re-branded as a Westin Resort.
2009 The Royal Hawaiian re-branded as a Luxury Collection Resort.
2002 Fululu Garden Yachiyo opened.

Fululu Garden Yachiyo

Chapel at Kofu Fujiya Hotel


2013 Yumoto Fujiya Hotel renovated.
2014 Fruit Park Fujiya Hotel renovated.
Fuji View Hotel renovated.
"FUJIYA HOTEL THE PIE" opened at Nihonbashi Muromachi.