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Company NameProducts
IGADEN CO., Ltd. electrolysis water treatment systems, micro water system.
ASK CO., Ltd Pressure gauges, gauge dampers, flow sensors, thermo switches.
EBARA CORPORATION Various general purpose pumps/fans, blowers, cooling towers.
AVL Japan CO., Ltd. Engine R&D support, emission testing equipments, exhaust gas analysis.
Cosmo Oil Lubricants CO., Ltd. Lubricants, greases and others.
DAIZO CORPORATION Special greases (industrial purpose), molybdenum disulfide lubricants.
Denki Kogyo CO., Ltd. Induction hardening processing equipment. Design/manufacturing etc.
Dohi Kenma Corporation Swing Bearings.
Hawe Japan CO., Ltd. Hawe (Germany) produced Hydraulic Pumps(16MPa~70MPa), non-leak valves, HC subminiature hydraulic units.
Hydac Japan CO., Ltd Hydraulic filters etc.
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. Motors, Robot Systems, System Industries.
Hirose Valve Industry CO., Ltd. Hydraulic shut-off valves, globe valves, flow combining/dividing valves.
Fuji Engineering CO., Ltd Non-leak valves, customized valves.
Fujikoshi CO., Ltd. Hydraulic pumps, general hydraulic machines, rotary center joint for construction machines, valves.
Fuji Corporation Non-leak valves (also applicable with sandwich valves)
Fuji Electric CO., Ltd. Motors, Invertors
BOSCH REXROTH CO., Ltd. BOSCH REXROTH Hydraulic products, pumps, motors, valves for construction machines, servo-valves.
HORIUCHI MACHINERY Co., Ltd. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders.


Company NameProducts
KYB CO., Ltd. HST Hydraulic pumps, valves for construction machines, dampers, hydraulic motors, shock absorbers.
KANEKO SANGYO CO.,LTD. Oil level indicators
Kamui Sangyo CO., Ltd. Oil coolers (water-cooled shield & tube type, air-cooled radiator type, plate type)
Kawaguchi Engineering CO., Ltd Rotary actuators.
Kinoshita CO., Ltd Oil level indicators.
Kyowa CO., Ltd Oil level indicators.
Kuraco CO., Ltd Oil mist collectors.
Grundfos Pumps CO., Ltd. High-Pressure Stainless Pumps
Koshin Seikosho CO., Ltd. Variable pumps, cartridge valves, power packages, Torque control machines.
Kohoku Heating Industries CO., Ltd. Plumbing Equipments, heating equipments, air-conditioning.
Kowa CO., Ltd Lubrication/ oiling device.
Kondo Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Loaders, test instruments, image-processing systems, chucking system.
Nakamura Koki Co., Ltd Accumulators.
NAKAMURA E&S CO.,Ltd. Oil coolers (air-cooled radiator type)
Nitto Filter Ltd. Hydraulic filters, air breathers, oil filter port, customized filters.
NHK MEC Corporation Cables, foot pedals
Nippeco CO., Ltd General greases.
Japan A.M.C. Ltd. Piping Fittings, Hose Couplings.
Nippon Oil Pump CO., Ltd. Trochoid Pumps, Procon Pumps, Orbmark Motors.
NIPPON CYLINDER SUPPLY INC. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders.
NIPPON THOMPSON CO.,LTD. Linear motion rolling guide system. Bearings
NHK SPRING CO., LTD. Pipe clamps (multi-clamp, aluminum, resin clamp), disc spring, Myakutori, balancing units.
Japan Flow Controls CO., Ltd Flow meters.
Moog Japan CO., Ltd. Servo-Valves.
Nohken CO., Ltd Level switches
MASUDA SEISAKUSHO CO., Ltd. Hydraulic filters, air breathers, oil filter port, customized filters.
Maruyama Excell CO., Ltd. High-Pressure plunger pumps.
Morigo Seiki Inc. Various washing machine/robot design & manufacturing.


Company NameProducts
S-TEK CO., Ltd. Swivel Joints, high-precision machining.
Sakagami Seisakusho CO., Ltd. Seals, Packing, O-Rings
Sakaguchi Dennetsu CO., Ltd. Various heaters, thermometers
Saginomiya Seisakusho CO., Ltd Thermostats,Thermo Switches, Pressure Swithes
Sakurasonic CO., Ltd Design/manufacturing of hydraulic systems.
SHIGA YAMASHITA CO.,Ltd. finishing equipment for post-processing of castings, washing equipments.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. Coolant equipments, magnet separators.
SUMITOMO PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd. QT pumps, hydraulic pumps, coolant pumps, coolant machines.
Sensby CO., Ltd. Heaters.
Sowa Kiko Ltd. Design/manufacturing of hydraulic systems.
Somic Ishikawa CO., Ltd. Magnet Separators (Oil Refresher)
TAISEI KOGYO CO., Ltd. Hydraulic filters, air breathers, filtration units, oil coolers (water & air-cooled)
Taihei System Industries CO., Ltd Pressure switches
Taiyo CO., Ltd. Hydraulic cylinders.
Takanashi Hydraulics CO., Ltd. Flow control selector valves, multiple control valves, marine valves.
Takami Seiki CO., Ltd Flow combining/dividing valves, customized valves.
Tsurugi CO., Ltd. Piping Work.
Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation Motors, Invertors, Compressors, Air-Conditioners, PCs.
TOSHIBA MACHINE CO.,LTD machine tools, die casting machine, extrusion machines, injection molding machines,
Toyooki Kogyo CO., Ltd. Hydraulic pumps, general hydraulic machines, hydraulic units, test benches, multi dry filters, defoaming machines.
Toyoda Seisakusho CO., Ltd. Precision machining, design/manufacturing of various machineries, jigs.
Trinity Industrial Corp. Painting Plants, Painting Equipments.
TRIPLE R CO., Ltd. Hydraulic filters, off-line filters.
PARKER HANNIFIN JAPAN CO., Ltd High pressure vane pumps (Denison), hydraulic motors, hydraulic machines.
Yasui Seisakusho CO., Ltd. Oil coolers (shield and tube water-cooled type), air breathers, oil filter ports.
YUASA CO., Ltd Hydraulic Cylinders, telescopic cylinders

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